Thursday, June 14, 2012

15. Some of my Favorite Things

Now that my eldest daughter has moved to their new house at Taman Jelita,  I have more time in the afternoons now. I  miss Alif (my only grandson) all the time LOL...but their house  is only 3 kilometres away from mine. So  whenever I  wasn't  visiting him there, I have started to add some more 'DELIGHTS' in  my life.

And that is doing collections...collecting some of my favorite things...

Lately MI has a craze for you can see he he...

or pictures of hens, like these tins..

or English Rose..

and Red..
I am not sure why MI likes this 'Bovril' mug.  It's thick and solid and I don't think I can find it anywhere in town nowadays.  MI have 2 of these cute red Bovril mugs.

They stay on  my shelf near my 'Coca Cola' collections :)

Till then,

Mak isah.


  1. Assalamualaikum Mak Isah,

    You wont know how much i miss your entry here.. :)

    And this comeback entry has really made my day.. Very interesting collection.

    Looking forward to more of your entry at this corner of the world since I presumed you will have more time to be "killed" now so that you wont miss Aliff very much.

  2. Waalaikumsalam dear Ummu,
    Terima kasih sbb Ummu miss my entry here.

    Thank you on your remark about MI collection. Barang2 tu tak mahal affordable bagi MI, you'll be surprised dari mana MI dapat bowl Bovril tu he he..nanti cita...

    You have a nice day at work and with family later k

    Salam rindu


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