Monday, April 25, 2011

07. Another Crochet Thing

This box has become one of my 'Crochet things' because now I can use it to put my thread and crochet hook. And I can bring it up in my room or down stair in my kitchen and crochet in between the time while waiting for my washing machine to do it's work :)

It was hubby's birthday cake box which I kept and the other day while looking at it I thought why don't I decorate it a bit so I can store my crochet things in it.

I spent my Sunday afternoon decorating it. The end result was not very good as I am not an expert at this but I think it will do he he...

My Crochet Box

The cover looks so cute :) I've pasted 2 cartoon rabbits on it, I think Alif will be so excited to see them when he sees the box.

Actually it was just a Ma Baker Cake Box. It looked like this before I wrapped old magazines on it.

It is shapped like a hexagon so I have to wrap it section by section.

What I need was some gum, a cutter and some colorful magazines which I cut them up.

So my box wasn't wasted after all!

Till then.

Mak isah.

Friday, April 22, 2011

06. A Mini Glass Cover

I made this while looking after Alif (my grandson) sleeping in my room.

Do you like it?

I think the flower is too big for the glass :p

This is how it looks like from the back :)

Let me share the pattern with you. On the left is the flower pattern.

Have a wonderful peaceful weekend with your loved ones!

Till then,

Mak isah

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

05. How...

I am posting this again for my dear blogger friend Ummufatihah. In her comment on my last post she asked how this 'pouch' becomes a pouch :p

It is easy. Just crochet the pattern :)

Now this is the same pattern of the pouch that I uploaded in my last entry, except that I have turned it the other way round so you can see clearly the numbers of rows there (click on your 'mouse' to enlarge).

If you look closely each row is numbered. No.1, no.2 etc.
Now that No.1, 2 and 3 represents the bottom of the pouch. Just crochet those rows and it should turned out flat by the time you finished row 3.

After that continue all round to finish row 4 and so on. By the time you finished doing row no.4 you will notice it will turned a bit into a curve to make the sides of a pouch.

Continue to crochet until you reached to row 14 and end it there. This pattern is easy. You are just doing Double Crochets(dc) with Chain Stitches (ch). You will not turn out wrong as long as you count the pattern.

I hope this helps :)

Okay this is the pattern of the white flowers that ties up the pouch (I didn't include this pattern in my last post).

What I did was, crochet one flower first then cut. Afterwards I tie my white thread to the short end of the thread where I had begun the flower ( where you began earlier).

After tying, crochet single chains for a length that you can weave around the upper part of the pouch later.
Which was exactly what I did, then cut and weave it around the holes.

Later you crochet another white flower. Join it to the end of the chains.

That's it.

I hope that helps as well.

Till then,

Mak isah.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

04. A Small Pouch & Threads

Hi there!

I went voting late this morning with hubby. And I've just heard the results on tv. BN lost over DAP in 2 areas in Miri.

Down here are my 3 colored wool thread that I've used the other day. I didn't want to waste the rest of these so I crochet the green colored wool thread into something....

Black, Green and White Wool Thread

This...! How do you like it? :) It is a cute small pouch bag, maybe to put in some scented dried leaves in? or something else?

This was the pattern that I followed. Easy :)

Btw, Mak isah want to show the crochet needles that I have...these 2 are my favorites. The bottom one is larger, I used for my wool type of thread.
The smaller one I used for my smaller crochet threads.

Example of my smaller threads is like this white thread..

Or even smaller like this green thread...

I will show you what I am doing with that white thread in my next post ok :)

Till then.

Mak isah.

Monday, April 11, 2011

04. A Wool Thread

I was trying my hands on this pattern.

Actually trying to crochet with a wool type of thread.

These are cheap wool thread, only RM1.50 per roll each color type. Maybe there are better ones elsewhere but these are what I found in this supply shop here in my hometown. And I didn't like the way my crochet needle keeps getting stuck with the wool and damaging the strands of the wool thread.

But I managed :p

Or maybe my crochet needle is a bit small and I should get a bigger one for these type of wool thread.

I'll think about it.

Meanwhile let me share this cute coaster. Alif loves it :)

I like it too :)

Till Then.

Mak isah.

Friday, April 8, 2011

03. Crochet Things

Remember Mak isah said I like to browse in the crochet shop nowadays?

This shop is an old one but considered it supplies a lot of handicraft items all in one. For example like cross stitch items for you to sew, beads, thread, needles, zips, buttons of all different colors, and all sorts of cute items and jeweleries that you can make up with your talented hands.

But mind you, in this shop you have to search and browse and look for what you want, there's too much things in it. Either that or you ask the girls to look for what you want for you.

I haven't been to this sort of shops for many years only lately when I want to search for a good crochet thread. I discovered there are only 2 shops in my town selling crochet threads! This one is bigger than the other one, situated at the other end of this shop, in the same row.

If you are in Miri you can find this shop easily, it's same building as the Park Hotel and just next to it. And it's called 'Golden Dragon Store'.

Golden Dragon Store Tailoring and Handicraft Accessories. Btw, they tailor clothes as well.

I want to show you the Chinese Crochet (is it Chinese or?) Book that I bought from this shop.

It has very colorful pictures of crochet items that you can choose to make from.

Some more pages...

The crochet pattern for you to make will all be in diagrams, just like the one I have published in my second post. That's easy right? And Mak isah don't read Chinese he he...

But to my dismay I can only find this type of Crochet thread. In both shops. But they do have different colors of this thread for you to choose from. Mak isah likes white :D

The best thread is still COATS, which I cannot find anywhere anymore in Miri :(
One example that I have is this, which Mak isah bought several years ago and still keep it. There are also different sizes of COATS crochet thread but also none here in Miri.

Any of this Coats crochet thread or any other Coats crochet thread available in your hometown?

Till then.

Mak isah.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

02. My First Crochet

Yes, my very first crochet after a long long time. This is for serving a glass of drink, used mainly to serve the small glasses of orange juice or soft drinks on a 'Hari Raya' day - as a glass coaster.

The pattern which I am using, which I took from the Chinese book that I bought.

As a Glass Coaster

Mak isah have made 6 of this pattern.

And I will be making 6 more of a different pattern for glass coasters.

Till then.

Mak isah.

p/s. Mak isah nak buat yang kecil kecil dulu...What do you think?

Monday, April 4, 2011

01. Starting Again

Hello There !

This is a blog I created to show a part of me finding one of my 'delights', which is doing some activity with a thread and a crochet needle :)

I learned crochet when I was a Form Three Student in a Sewing Class. I remember my teacher, Mrs Ku a strict person when checking my sewing work. I learned to make my own blouse, dress and crochet when I was that young and that was all I remembered :p

When I got married I continued with my crochet. They were just for my own use, fun and filling my own time. That was on and off due to having a full time job and raising a family. When I retired I started to crochet once more but later totally off it when I find my fingers turned numb after working with the crochet needle for 15 minutes. I think that happened 5 years ago.

I stopped totally after that.

Then last 2 weeks I have this sudden urge to start and try crochet again.

For 2 reasons -

One was because I read a dear friend's blogger Usrafatihah , she has started to do crochet ( Dunia Kreatif Mama), making small creative dolls to hang on her girl's school bag, a crochet hat for her little son or a cardigan for her family.

She has inspired me to start to do crochet again.

So Friends, do visit her and who knows you may get inspired too :)

My second reason was because I want to do one more thing besides just blogging while I am sitting in my room.

Blogging is one of my other 'delights' beside reading or watching television.

This year with the need to babysit my grandson while his mom learns tailoring I definitely have to stop selling my 'Cendol'.

So usually when my grandson is asleep in the afternoon, I go online to blog. Hence,in the quietness of those afternoons it set me thinking to add another 'delight' in my own time :)

And I thought why not crochet again. fingers didn't go numb badly. Not as bad as it did before. I am beginning to think I should do more crochet to exercise my fingers.

In fact , finding I can crochet again got me excited. I even bought a book on crochet with Chinese writing, yet by looking at the patterns I can still follow, understand and crochet a pattern in it.

Nowadays most of the time I will be browsing in a shop that sells crochet threads and crochet books!

In time, I might find time to do some other 'delights' like cross stitch or others. Insyallah.

Whatever it is that I do, still cooking for my family will be what Mak isah loves best :)

Till then.

Mak isah.

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