Friday, June 24, 2011

10. My First Try

How's this for my first try (I crochet other things but not this) on a cap (kopiah) for Alif, my grandson? :)

In the midst of being busy preparing for Noormy's (my youngest daughter) engagement ceremony next month, I stole some time to crochet this cap. I know the color is off, especially for a boy, but that was one thread that a buddy blogger gave me. A little present from Usrafatihah to Mak isah.

Alif proudly wearing his little kopiah :)

A Kopiah done :)

Mak isah promise will do a better color for a boy the next time he he...

Till then,

Mak isah.


  1. Salam Mak Isah,

    Glad that you still crocheting in the midst of your hectic schedule. :)..

    I think the colour match with Aliff's cute lips. :).

    Missed you and the postings a lots... Welcome back... :)

  2. wah cantiknya, serba serbi pandai eh jelesnya.

  3. Salam Ummu,
    Maaf byk2 lambat reply kat sini...

    Lama mak isah tak pegang jarum crochet Mak isah. Miss it!

    Be patient with Mak a while ye...

    p/s Alif wore this kopiah during hari raya. did you notice it in the raya pictures? :D



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