Monday, April 4, 2011

01. Starting Again

Hello There !

This is a blog I created to show a part of me finding one of my 'delights', which is doing some activity with a thread and a crochet needle :)

I learned crochet when I was a Form Three Student in a Sewing Class. I remember my teacher, Mrs Ku a strict person when checking my sewing work. I learned to make my own blouse, dress and crochet when I was that young and that was all I remembered :p

When I got married I continued with my crochet. They were just for my own use, fun and filling my own time. That was on and off due to having a full time job and raising a family. When I retired I started to crochet once more but later totally off it when I find my fingers turned numb after working with the crochet needle for 15 minutes. I think that happened 5 years ago.

I stopped totally after that.

Then last 2 weeks I have this sudden urge to start and try crochet again.

For 2 reasons -

One was because I read a dear friend's blogger Usrafatihah , she has started to do crochet ( Dunia Kreatif Mama), making small creative dolls to hang on her girl's school bag, a crochet hat for her little son or a cardigan for her family.

She has inspired me to start to do crochet again.

So Friends, do visit her and who knows you may get inspired too :)

My second reason was because I want to do one more thing besides just blogging while I am sitting in my room.

Blogging is one of my other 'delights' beside reading or watching television.

This year with the need to babysit my grandson while his mom learns tailoring I definitely have to stop selling my 'Cendol'.

So usually when my grandson is asleep in the afternoon, I go online to blog. Hence,in the quietness of those afternoons it set me thinking to add another 'delight' in my own time :)

And I thought why not crochet again. fingers didn't go numb badly. Not as bad as it did before. I am beginning to think I should do more crochet to exercise my fingers.

In fact , finding I can crochet again got me excited. I even bought a book on crochet with Chinese writing, yet by looking at the patterns I can still follow, understand and crochet a pattern in it.

Nowadays most of the time I will be browsing in a shop that sells crochet threads and crochet books!

In time, I might find time to do some other 'delights' like cross stitch or others. Insyallah.

Whatever it is that I do, still cooking for my family will be what Mak isah loves best :)

Till then.

Mak isah.


  1. Salam Mak Isah...

    Saya sangat suka... (Tersangat)...

    Maybe we can do some "crochet along" projects in the future and i know I will learn a lot from you...

    Tahniah di atas pembukaan blog baru ni.. :)

    Saya suka.... (lagi sekali):)

  2. Salam Ummu..Terima kasih kerana menjenguk..

    Hish apa tu 'crochet along' projects? he he...Mak isah bukan pro dalam hal crochet ni..ingat2 lupa kata orang. Mak isah sekadar membuang masa je sebab agak free apabila menjaga Alif yang sedang tidor.

    Thank you for your wish my dear & once again thank you for being mak isah first follower :)

  3. Salam Mak Isah...

    Semestinya saya akan jenguk kerana blog bertema kreatif adalah di kalangan blog kegemaran saya... And this blog is more special sebab it is owned by my favourite online buddy... :)

    By the way, saya nak mintak tolong dari Mak Isah... Maybe sometime later you can blog about your crochet supplies shop...

    Crochet Along is "Mengait Sama2". We do the same project at the same time and share the experience and the outcome... Mesti best ndak?... :)

  4. Salam Ummu...maaf kerana lambat jawab komen ni :)
    Thank you for being my favourite online buddy (likewise).

    Np tentang memblog kedai tu..jap ye..tapi rasa nya Kuching lebih banyak lagi kedai2 macam ni?

    Mak isah tak kisah 'mengait sama2', memang seronok tu..janji Mak isah buat slow2 lah ye...maklum la Mak isah ni pakai specs nyer satu, kedua si Alif tu bila Mak isah nak ber crochet depan dia, dia panggil Mak isah suruh berenti pulak, nak Mak isah punya full attention pulak :D

    Tapi Insyallah...Mak suka amat suka idea Ummu tu.


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