Monday, April 25, 2011

07. Another Crochet Thing

This box has become one of my 'Crochet things' because now I can use it to put my thread and crochet hook. And I can bring it up in my room or down stair in my kitchen and crochet in between the time while waiting for my washing machine to do it's work :)

It was hubby's birthday cake box which I kept and the other day while looking at it I thought why don't I decorate it a bit so I can store my crochet things in it.

I spent my Sunday afternoon decorating it. The end result was not very good as I am not an expert at this but I think it will do he he...

My Crochet Box

The cover looks so cute :) I've pasted 2 cartoon rabbits on it, I think Alif will be so excited to see them when he sees the box.

Actually it was just a Ma Baker Cake Box. It looked like this before I wrapped old magazines on it.

It is shapped like a hexagon so I have to wrap it section by section.

What I need was some gum, a cutter and some colorful magazines which I cut them up.

So my box wasn't wasted after all!

Till then.

Mak isah.


  1. Salam Mak Isah..

    Brilliant idea... :)... Sebab itu saya teramat gembira bila Mak Isah mula buat blog ni... Saya pasti akan dapat baca pelbagai entri yang menarik...

    I have one polysterine box bekas ice cream cake dari tempat kerja. Kamek pakei juak untuk nyumbat barang crochet kamek, tapi of course sik sekreatif Mak Isah... Sik berbungkus pun.. :)

    Thanks Mak Isah.. For sharing the idea.. :)

  2. Salam dear
    Thank you Ummu :) for your kind words atas blog Mak isah tok. He like my box? Mak isah suka bungkus2 mcm tok. Dolok belom ber blog Mak isah lekat wrapping paper gik molah box kei engkah scissors and needles and sewing kit Mak isah.

    Madi meli, bagus pakei box2 nyimpan barang :)


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