Tuesday, April 5, 2011

02. My First Crochet

Yes, my very first crochet after a long long time. This is for serving a glass of drink, used mainly to serve the small glasses of orange juice or soft drinks on a 'Hari Raya' day - as a glass coaster.

The pattern which I am using, which I took from the Chinese book that I bought.

As a Glass Coaster

Mak isah have made 6 of this pattern.

And I will be making 6 more of a different pattern for glass coasters.

Till then.

Mak isah.

p/s. Mak isah nak buat yang kecil kecil dulu...What do you think?


  1. Salam MAk Isah,

    As at now, I cant view all the photos. Maybe I'll check back later.

    Can't wait to see your coaster. Ingat nak ikut buat sama2 dengan Mak Isah.. And that is what i meant by "crochet along"... :)
    "Ngait sama2" kata orang kita... :)

  2. Salam Ummu..Thank you for checking. Tetiba masa log in just now, my pictures disappear again. I think something wrong with mak isah's picasa album.
    What I did was upload all these pictures again the directly so please let mak isah know if they disappear again ok? Thankss..

    Mak isah just starting crochet again so dah rusty sikit so tak sehebat Ummu la he he...
    O..now mengerti about 'crochet along'. Good idea, mak isah okay je :)
    Ngait sama2...nice of you my dear :)

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Lovely.... :)

    Semua ok termasuk pattern... I'll be doing my version very soon following your pattern. The image is very clear. Thanks Mak Isah...

    How i miss this diagram pattern. Not the abbreviation widely used in internet.

    Mak isah jangan gelak ya nanti kalau tengok mine sebab i rarely crochet using this thread. It is special for org rajin macam Mak Isah sebab lambat mauk siap.. :) And it hurts my fingers... Your coasters are so neat...

    Tapi saya tak nak mengalah... :)

  4. Salam Ummu, Ha ha ha tak nak 'mengalah', Mak isah suka spirit macam tu :)

    A'ah Mak isah memang suka ikut pattern macam ni tak yah gi baca satu persatu macam buku2 orang putih :p sebab itu Mak isah gi carik buku cina ni...Memang dari dulu lagi Mak isah mengait secara begini...senang kan?

    OO..Yang dlam gambar ni Mak isah guna kan thread yang dah lama Mak isah simpan, sekarang susah carik bangsa benang COATS for crochet..thread kegemaran Mak isah.

    Hish tak gelak la..melainkan Mak isah bangga dengan hasil2 kerjatangan Ummu itu. Please continue to use a thread that is comfortable for you.

    Salam sayang :)


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