Friday, April 22, 2011

06. A Mini Glass Cover

I made this while looking after Alif (my grandson) sleeping in my room.

Do you like it?

I think the flower is too big for the glass :p

This is how it looks like from the back :)

Let me share the pattern with you. On the left is the flower pattern.

Have a wonderful peaceful weekend with your loved ones!

Till then,

Mak isah


  1. very nice,i like the details of project..keep it up dear :)

  2. Thank you Khadija. Coming from you, that is such a compliment!

    Thanks again :)

  3. kacak la glass cover ya Mak Isah.. boleh la tunjuk ngan emak Biru lak blog Mak Isah tok.. sure nya suka :)

  4. Makasih Biru.. :) Bole la tunjuk, sila kan, Mak isah mengalu-alu kan :D

    Kim salam ngan mak Biru k


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