Friday, April 8, 2011

03. Crochet Things

Remember Mak isah said I like to browse in the crochet shop nowadays?

This shop is an old one but considered it supplies a lot of handicraft items all in one. For example like cross stitch items for you to sew, beads, thread, needles, zips, buttons of all different colors, and all sorts of cute items and jeweleries that you can make up with your talented hands.

But mind you, in this shop you have to search and browse and look for what you want, there's too much things in it. Either that or you ask the girls to look for what you want for you.

I haven't been to this sort of shops for many years only lately when I want to search for a good crochet thread. I discovered there are only 2 shops in my town selling crochet threads! This one is bigger than the other one, situated at the other end of this shop, in the same row.

If you are in Miri you can find this shop easily, it's same building as the Park Hotel and just next to it. And it's called 'Golden Dragon Store'.

Golden Dragon Store Tailoring and Handicraft Accessories. Btw, they tailor clothes as well.

I want to show you the Chinese Crochet (is it Chinese or?) Book that I bought from this shop.

It has very colorful pictures of crochet items that you can choose to make from.

Some more pages...

The crochet pattern for you to make will all be in diagrams, just like the one I have published in my second post. That's easy right? And Mak isah don't read Chinese he he...

But to my dismay I can only find this type of Crochet thread. In both shops. But they do have different colors of this thread for you to choose from. Mak isah likes white :D

The best thread is still COATS, which I cannot find anywhere anymore in Miri :(
One example that I have is this, which Mak isah bought several years ago and still keep it. There are also different sizes of COATS crochet thread but also none here in Miri.

Any of this Coats crochet thread or any other Coats crochet thread available in your hometown?

Till then.

Mak isah.


  1. Salam Mak Isah...

    Memang lovely sangat entri Mak Isah ni... :)... I can spend hours and hours in this type of shops, if i have that luxury (How I wish..:)..

    And the book that you have.... Is there anymore stock over there?.. :)tersangat geram sebab tak boleh selak2 all the colourful pages.. :)

    Thanks for sharing this type of entry and is expecting to read many more.. :)..

    And please share it here if you plan to make all those beautiful and cute stuff...

  2. Salam dear Ummu...thank you. Yes me too, hingga tak sedar dengan masa bila seronok dalam kedai tu..

    Oh yes there were quite a number but they have only one copy for each. This book that I bought was around RM32, kena tawar...but,

    Mak isah couldn't find these type of books elsewhere like in the book shop 'Popular'.

    Cute stuff, ha ha..tau Ummu suka crochet cute things tapi mungkin Mak isah nak crochet motifs for Mak isah nyer coffee table kat luar tu.

    You're welcome my dear, my pleasure. Mak isah pun seronok share benda macam ni.

    Don't hesitate to ask :)

    Have a nice day at work.


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