Monday, April 11, 2011

04. A Wool Thread

I was trying my hands on this pattern.

Actually trying to crochet with a wool type of thread.

These are cheap wool thread, only RM1.50 per roll each color type. Maybe there are better ones elsewhere but these are what I found in this supply shop here in my hometown. And I didn't like the way my crochet needle keeps getting stuck with the wool and damaging the strands of the wool thread.

But I managed :p

Or maybe my crochet needle is a bit small and I should get a bigger one for these type of wool thread.

I'll think about it.

Meanwhile let me share this cute coaster. Alif loves it :)

I like it too :)

Till Then.

Mak isah.


  1. Salam Mak Isah...
    Speechless... Isshh... Cute ehhh.. sik apat kelakar org putih gik dah.. kakan nak geram gilak... :)

    Mak isah pakei jarum no berapa?.. Gambar lah sekali jenis benang ngan jarum ya.. :) Munnya stuck, boleh cuba jarum yang besar sikit...

    I like... (macam fb)... Will try this later.. Thanks a lot for the posting..

  2. Salam Ummu, maaf Mak isah lambat jawab komen tok eh :) Cute ka he he...ish biasa jak ah..

    Ada Mak isah post dua jarum kegemaran Mak isah. Mungkin meli nok besar sikit mun ada rezeki :p're welcome dear


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